the modern geek’s adage of “do more with the gadget” seems like an impossibility with limited battery and onboard storage, and while the battery issue is not quite a biggie for iPad, storage remains a stumbling block (64GB isn’t an abundance to be honest, if you have loads of videos and music). but fret not, cos’ the purveyor of beautiful and functional gadget accessories and peripherals, LaCie has the LaCie FUEL to ensure you will never suffer from another storage crunch when using your iPad. this external storage for iPad offers an additional 1TB of digital storage space which your iPad, iPhone and Mac can access wirelessly even without Internet connectivity.

the FUEL also boasts AirPlay compatibility for streaming movies onto your big screen HDTV via Apple TV or music to compatible speakers. with 1TB at your disposal, the benefit is obvious: you no longer have to be selective about what to load into your iPad. just pack it up with whatever you desire and have a peace of mind that whatever files you need will be with you on-the-go. built-in WiFi ensures access even if you are off-the-grid and an onboard rechargeable battery gives you up to 10 hours of access. but that’s not all. this external storage for iPad has more tricks up its sleeve: it can also double as an Internet hotspot when it is connected to the Internet via WiFi, thereby allowing the FUEL to share Internet access with other connected devices.

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the drive appears as an external drive on your computer, which allows you to wirelessly upload or download files without the hassle of cable. however, if speed of transfer is what you require, there is always a USB 3.0 port for blazing fast data transfer. last but not least, the FUEL is the first drive from LaCie to work with Seagate Media app (available for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle) that automatically organizes files by type for easier browsing. with this app, you can stream videos or music, open office documents, and browse the media library easily, aided by photo and video thumbnails, as well as cover art for music.

the LaCie FUEL External Storage For iPad will be available soon on LaCie web store and LaCie resellers for $199.99.

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