ever find yourself forgetting your USB cable needed for charging your smartphone more often than not? if the answer is ‘yes’ and you happen to be a bracelet guy (or gal), you might want to check out the Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable (officially, known as ‘Cabelet’). as the name suggests, this cable is design to masquerade as a bracelet in beautiful braided leather design, complete with stainless bronze metal clasp to keep things looped (and the connectors safe). like we said, if bracelet is your cup of tea, the Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable might seems like a no-brainer solution for keeping the much needed cable close to you always.

available in Lightning connector to suit iOS devices and microUSB for other devices such as Android smartphones, the Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable is available in four colors: black, brown, orange, and white and comes in three lengths to suit different wrist sizes. this is probably the best looking cable (in our books, of course) since the Eastern Collective Textile cables. you get yours from Kyte&Key web store for $69.99 a pop. not cheap, definitely, but i guess the aesthetic and benefits somehow kind of outweighs the sticker. well, ‘kind of’. a couple of more look after the break.

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Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable
Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable

Kyte&Key via Gear Hungry

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