Can smartwatches really become collector’s watches? Wait. Don’t answer that because, the GPS equipment maker probably think it could. Celebrating the brand’s 30th anniversary, the U.S. GPS equipment maker has released an exclusive collection called Garmin MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set.

Garmin MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set

As the product name implies, Garmin MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set is the entire collection of luxury smartwatches the brand dished out earlier this year. Only 100 sets are available up for grab, each going for a cool $10,000.

For 10 grand, you will get the MARQ Aviator, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Expedition and MARQ Athlete, each custom-built and individually numbered, and presented in a handcrafted solid walnut gift box along with a signed letter of authenticity from Garmin President and CEO Cliff Pemble.

Garmin MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set

I don’t know man. Unlike traditional watches, smart timepieces WILL eventually be obsolete and thus, they may not be as collectible. Plus, what makes traditional watches collectible is part of the craftsmanship that goes under the hood, and that is something we can’t say that smartwatches has to offer.

Anyways, nobody is stopping you from dropping ten thousand dollars if you really want a set and has the means to. If that’s the case, I am sure your credit card should have no problem handling the required $10,000 purchase.

Garmin MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set

Images: Garmin.

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