Limited Edition AIAIAI TMA-1 Ed Fools Gold Headphones

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(photos: AIAIAI) Limited Edition AIAIAI TMA-1 Ed Fools Gold Headphones | 1,650.00 DKK |

what speaks of individualism? i’d say, its everything that you own – from your furniture to your clothes to your favorite music cans. speaking of which, we have just tripped on a pair of cans that’s guaranteed to fit our individualism bill: the Limited Edition AIAIAI TMA-1 Ed Fools Gold Headphones. while the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones are not new, this limited edition headphones are injected with a dose of vibrant color and features a few details not found on the standard TMA-1 cans. highlights include the obvious Fool’s Gold trademark yellow cable, angled stereo plug, built-in cable lock to secure the cable to the cans, three-button remote with microphone for music control and calls, embossed Fool’s Gold logo on the cup and embossed AIAIAI, Fool’s Gold & LABEL/ED logo inside the headband.
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like its regular counterpart, the Ed Fools Gold edition were designed in collaboration with several pros and renowned DJs, and features a pair of dynamic 40-mm closed titanium drivers to handle the sound reproduction duty. only 2,000 pieces of this fine example will be made available worldwide with each carrying a price tag of 1,650 DKK (about US$315). this limited edition cans is now up for grab via AIAIAI web store but shipment is expected to be from October 30, 2011. more images follows after the break.


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