John’s Phone by John Doe Amsterdam

John's Phone
(photos: via Colette) John’s Phone by John Doe Amsterdam | €90.00 |

it’s ok if you sometimes felt outsmarted by your smartphone or not even utilizing half of its available functions before you finally retires it. we understand the frustration (or dismay?) and so does John Doe Amsterdam. the Amsterdam-based advertising agency came up with a brilliant solution: a mobile phone that is devoid of any features, including our favorite text messaging function, dubbed simply as John’s Phone. because of its lack of all other functionalities except for verbal communication, John’s Phone truly lives up to its name as the most basic cell phone in the world. being “featureless” also allows it to embark on a true ultra-minimalist route. sporting large prominent buttons, John’s features a physical address book tucked right in the back and an integrated hidden pen (!) for you to jot down important numbers or information, just like the good’ol days, and a basic display located at the top of the phone displays caller identification for both incoming and outgoing calls. though basic, John’s is ready to work anywhere in the world – all you have to do is find yourself a working SIM card. if you can live without fancy screen and (most importantly) text messaging service, John’s Phone is ready for your taking for just €90 or US$100 a piece.

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