Human Made Envelope Case for iPad and MacBook Air

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(photos: Thomas Thompson/Human Made) Human Made Envelope Case for iPad/MacBook Air | ¥tba |

these days, a fashion collection isn’t complete without the addition of gadget accessories like iPad sleeve or sort. having said that, that’s exactly what Japan fashion label, Human Made, has in their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. though it is called the Envelope case, it look more stylish than a manila envelope. you know it reminiscent of an envelope but yet it doesn’t look exactly like one, which is the way i like it. composed of herringbone wool, the case seals in your iPad or MacBook Air with a two-button closure system and when i say ‘button’, they are literally buttons that look like they came of some jackets. very nice touch. the herringbone pattern reminiscent of the old English wallpaper, and the brown tone with a subtle Human Made branding stamped up front, gives the whole package a very vintage feel. very nostalgic, indeed.
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the Human Made Envelope Case is available for iPad, MacBook Air 11-inch and MacBook Air 13-inch. no word on the pricing, though. this is definitely one case that will let your gadget snuggle in uber-cool style. sadly, it looks like this gorgeous case is a Japan-only product but i am sure seasoned online shopper would have no problem finding a way to get hold of one. however, if you happen to be around Tokyo, there are a couple of stores in Shibuya-Ku that might carry it. head on down to Human Made website for more info. in the meantime, do check out a couple of pretty good resolution imageries of this awesome case after the break.

Human Made via Highsnobiety

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