This UAG MacBook Case Will Turn Your Fragile 12-inch MacBook into a Mil-Spec Ruggedized Laptop

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook is super thin and pretty, but with crazy thinness, comes great fragility. I guess you could say it is the law of the (gadget) nature, which we don’t foresee a change unless there are some breakthrough in the field of material engineering. Anyways, if you’re looking to bring this piece of […]

The Brik Case Lets You Customize Your MacBook to Your Heart’s Content

You know why the business of protective cases is so brisk? Simple. People get bored with the same old case and hence the need for a change, but if you have the Brik Case, that would be a different story. Billed as the world’s most customizable laptop case, the Brik Case is a clip-on case […]

Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case

Incase was among the first to introduce hardshell cases for MacBook laptops and so it seems natural that they traced back their roots for this Spring season with the Incase 2013 Spring MacBook Hardshell Case. available for a range of sizes and bold colors for the whole MacBook family, including the 15″

Hammered Hardshell Case for MacBook Air

tired of perfection? yes? then the new Hammered Hardshell Case for MacBook Air by Incase is the case for your MacBook Air. instead of the typical fancy graphics and/or smooth lines, this case features a textured surface that mimics the impressions created by the continuous pounding from a metalsmith’s hammer. the result is a perfectly…