CASETiFY First Space Mission Collection

Gadget accessories maker CASETiFY is on the roll with collaborations. Wait. What am I talking about? The brand is practically synonymous with collaborations. So much so that I have forgotten they actually had non-collab products.

CASETiFY First Space Mission Collection

Anyways… joining the string of delightful collaborations with big names like The Kraft Heinz Company, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Coca-Cola and more, is National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The NASA x CASETiFY Collection of accessories, which is slated to launch on July 30, will feature 16 new NASA-inspired designs, including the likes the familiar “The Worm” logo. As before, the accessories are compatible to a range of gadgets, including iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and more.

CASETiFY First Space Mission Collection

Expect to find accessories designed after the astronaut’s access badge, mission assignments, and blueprints of a classic NASA space shuttle. NASA-themed design will also find its place on the new Custom Black Mirror Case, as well as CASETiFY Puffy Case. The latter is the brand’s super tough case that can survive drops from as high as 6.2 feet (1.89 meters).

So, space nerds may want to be on a look out for these gadget accessories. Also, you may also want to get yourself on the waitlist, to ensure a chance of getting what you desire because, CASETiFY Co-Lab has a history of selling out.

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Images: CASETiFY.