I am sure you have read enough about quarantine haircut. However, I am pretty sure that you have yet to come across a quarantine haircut that’s done by a robot. A homemade robot, to be exact. And homemade haircutting robot is exactly what YouTuber Shane of Stuff Made Here has made.

Amazingly, it actually works without endangering the subject or his hair. The inspiration for the project came from the desire not to have a barber, who have touched way too many people in a day, to do his hair.

Haircutting Robot by Stuff Made Here

Oh, did we mention what’s even more amazing was, it was a robot wielding a pair of scissors, trimming the inventor’s hair in the good’ old fashion way? The end result is passable, but a touch of nostalgia. Due to physical limitation, the robot ended up leaving the man with a perfect mullet.

Overall, the result is passable. Also, unlike the hair cutting helmet we saw years ago was a hoax, this one is a real deal. There’s a bigger implication to Shane’s creation. It is proof of concept that would mean that barbers are replaceable by robots. Perhaps not now, but in not so distance future it might.

If Shane can made one out of his home workshop, just imagine organizations with the financial muscle and manpower to flex can come up with.

Images: YouTube (Stuff Made Here).

Source: Geekologie.

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