DIY Krispy Kreme Face Shield by Andy Clockwise

Andy Clockwise is a magician, but he turning a 12 box of Krispy Kreme donuts into a functional face shield is no magic. The man has posted a short video on his YouTube channel, demonstrating how to turn a 12-donut box from Krispy Kreme into a functional face shield.

Hmmm, I don’t recall my 12-donut box from Krispy Kreme had a clear window. Then again, it has been ages since I last buy anything from Krispy Kreme. In any case, you now know that you can do that. So, don’t go throwing your 12-box away.

As we start to move on in the midst of the pandemic, face shield may be as much as a norm as a face mask. While this DIY version may not be as stylish as Blocc, it does serve its purpose and perhaps, even help you to display your allegiance (as far as donuts are concerned). Go ahead and check out how to DIY a Krispy Kreme Face Shield in the video below.

Images: YouTube (Andy Clockwise).

Source: Laughing Squid.