Can’t stop yourself from touching your face? Well, fret not, my friends because, Blocc is here to stop you from unconsciously touching your face. Blocc is fully transparent face shield and while it may not be medical-grade, it is one heck of uber stylish face shield suited to be worn everyday.

And it is minimal too and it certainly more subtle than the artsy spherical helmet. Since it is a face shield and it is designed to be worn everyday, it will, hopefully, help break your worst habit during this unprecedented time.

When worn, Blocc shields your eyes, nose, and mouth, and therefore, forming a barrier when you disobedient subconscious mind directs your hands to touch them. In this way, you will be drawn to this habit and thereby, helping you to break it.

Blocc Stylish Face Shield Kickstarter

Blocc is compatible with glasses and face masks. Strange that Blocc did not market it as a protection against direct droplet contact. I guess the company don’t get into unnecessary trouble. After all, this face shield is not medical-grade.

If you are determine to break your face-touching habit, you may want to enlist the help of Blocc Face Shield. It is on Kickstarter, selling for a relatively reasonable 24 bucks. The campaign is funded and so, the product is go. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in August 2020. Go check it out.

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Images: Blocc.

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