This COVID-19 pandemic could changed the way we live our lives moving forward. For example, people would be more wary about close contacts and perhaps, a face mask would be, sadly, the new normal.

Plastique Fantastique iSphere Spherical Mask

In response to this possible new normal and the mandatory requirement to don a mask covering the mouth and nose when taking public transportation in Berlin, art collective Plastique Fantastique has created a funny and yet practical “mask” that makes the wearer look straight out of a 60s sci-fi movie or TV show.

Called iSphere, this contraption does more than cover a person’s mouth and nose; it is a transparent bubble that engulfs the entire head like the space helmet as imagined by some filmmakers in the early days.

Plastique Fantastique iSphere Spherical Mask

No idea how one is going to breathe in that thing. I supposed if you are making one, you will want to include a filter or something to let fresh air in and perhaps, a one-way valve to purge carbon dioxide. And then there’s the concern of the inevitable issue of fogging and the question of perfect sealing…

Having said that Plastique Fantastique said its creation is open to customization and improvements. For examples, you could customize it with a sunshade, introduce a microphone and/or a speaker, or even a snorkel. iSphere is both a serious (by topic) object and at the same time, not so serious.

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Images: Plastique Fantastique.

Source: designboom.

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