Ever look at the various comic cons and wish you have the skill to make a costume like say, an Iron Man suit, or perhaps, Armor Batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well, the good news is, cosplaying as Superman’s ass-kicking Batman, or Iron Man et cetera requires money, not craft skills – thanks to the buyfullbodyarmors.com.

Robotic Geisha Cosplay Costume
The head alone costs US$699.

Buyable Iron Man suit has come a long way since Killerbody’s. Over at buyfullbodyarmors.com, you get to choose from a variety of Iron Man suits, ranging from Mk II to Mk XLVII (anyone’s down for Iron Man House Party Protocol?).

There is also a War Machine model, along with Halo’s Master Chief armor costume, Armored Batsuit, and Iron Deadpool armor suit. But my favorite ought to be the Robotic Geisha cosplay costume as seen in the Ghost In The Shell live-action movie. Yes. It also has that. But no opening face though. Unless you are an Android. There is also a USNC ARC920 Rail Gun prop gun (also from Halo).

Made-to-Measure Life-size Wearable Armors Costume

All the armors are 1:1 scale, wearable, and made-to-measure and may feature mechanical and electric systems, motorized masks and lighted eyes, and more. Naturally, such awesomeness does not come cheap.

The Robotic Geisha getup, which includes the head, kimono, and all, will set you back at US$1,999. The Master Chief and Armored Batsuit cost US$3,999 and up, and the rest of the armors are well over US$4,000 each. You can learn more over at buyfullbodyarmors.com.

Images: BuyFullBodyArmors.com.

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