No. Mastodon is not a relative to the prehistoric shark, Megalodon. In fact, it is not even remotely related to any living things, ancient or not, much less to a shark. It is NERF’s biggest foam dart-shooting blaster to date, though technically, it is not the biggest NERF gun cos’ we already saw how big the biggest NERF Blaster was. But it is true that Mastodon is the biggest factory-produced blaster in NERF arsenal to date, stretching a nearly 3-feet (86 cm) long and weighing in as much as a laptop at 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg). Not only it is the biggest NERF blaster yet, but it is also the first motorized NERF Mega blaster, boasting a rotary magazine and powered by a motor that enables it to spit out 24 foam darts 100 feet (about 30 meters) downrange in under 20 seconds.

Nerf Mastodon Mega Blaster

For $69.99, it comes with everything you need to get your offensive started, including 24 Mega Whistler darts, 24-dart drum, drum cage, drum covers, handle, and shoulder strap, except for the required six D-size batteries necessary to get the motor whirling.

Nerf Mastodon Mega Blaster

Nerf Mastodon Mega Blaster

Images: NERF/Hasbro.

via The Awesomer.

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