World’s Biggest NERF Gun by Mark Rober

Forget what Hasbro tells you about which of its Nerf gun is the most powerful, because there’s a new king of Nerf in town and it wins by sheer size, and by sheer size, we do mean really, really BIG. The Nerf gun in the spotlight is created by former NASA engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober with the help of fellow YouTubers over at Eclectical Engineering and it takes on the shape inspired by the classic Maverick REV-6 single-fire revolver dart blaster. Naturally, the ginormous REV-6 also gets an identical colorway, consisting of yellow, black, grey and orange, to look the part. The world’s largest Nerf gun proclamation is not official; i mean who keep tracks of that, right? But looking at the size, we have little doubt there are any bigger ones out there.

With a gun that’s almost as tall as a grown man (when placed vertically), spring-loaded action like its puny counterpart will not have enough grunt to propel its custom pool noodle with toilet plunger foam dart and so, Mark and the team turned to a paintball canister that packs a whopping 3,000 psi. Of course, you can’t be pushing all 3,000 psi out; that would be a disaster in the making. Instead, a “firing” chamber regulates the pressurized air to 80 psi per shot.

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World’s Biggest NERF Gun by Mark Rober
Toilet plunger and pool noodle makes for a good giant-size form dart

By regulating the air pressure, it allows the gun to get around 20 shots out a single paintball canister while still providing more than enough grunt to propel the projectile, which exits the barrel at 40 miles an hour (64 km/h) and it can launch a more aerodynamic projectile up to 130 yards (119 meters). Though it is worthy to note that to work to that distance, this Nerf gun will have to be fired like an artillery piece, which means leveraging on angle to optimize the range. Keep going to catch the gigantic Nerf gun in action.