SpyNet Laser Trip Wire: a toy but may just work for real

SpyNet Laser Trip Wire 544x728px
(image: ThinkGeek) SpyNet Laser Trip Wire | US$39.99 | www.spynethq.com

movies like Entrapment (20th Century Fox, 1999) shown us how cool it is to protect your precious properties from nasty (but gorgeous) thieves with laser security system. a cool idea that will probably remain as a fantasy to most folks unless you are some hi-tech firm with millions to spare. that doesn’t need to be case cos’ you could set up your very own laser security system for just $39.99. i am talking about the SpyNet Laser Trip Wire from toy maker Jakks Pacific. yeah, it may be a kid’s toy but it has real working Class 1 laser emitter and receiver, and when combined with a couple of mirrors, you got yourself a mini laser trip wire system. it definitely sounds like fun, even for someone like me who is decades well over its recommended age of 8 or up. want a more complex security system, then grab a few more sets and create the ultimate in security system. i pretty sure this thing could be hacked and rigged to some other security features of your choice, like pepper spray perhaps? you know, i am just saying.
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