masquerade your laptop with Stealth Laptop Sleeve

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want to stand out from the crowd and not being too ‘out-standing’? get yourself the Stealth Laptop Sleeve, a laptop sleeve in the guise of a tatty old manila envelope – postage not included. the Stealth’s exterior is made from super-strong fabric that’s tearproof and waterproof and the interior boasts a plush mock-silk interior that’s padded with PE foam to protect you precious laptop from knocks and shocks. this sleeve is adjustable and will fit laptops of size 8″ to 17″.
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a set of Velcro aids the adjustable for various laptop sizes

you can even scribble on the exterior with your own message(s). how about scribbling your address on it for an easy lost-and-found returns? perhaps adding a few bits of stamps to add to it’s authenticity. really. its up to you. consider this being an awesome idea, rather than carrying your MacBook Pro around in some luxurious studded Swarovski crystals that begs to be taken – this could be the way to go unnoticed by potential prying eyes. but wouldn’t your classmates get a little suspicious if you carry an envelope to college everyday? hmmm…

some word of advise: don’t leave the Stealth with your precious around. it’d still be taken away if you are not careful. except this time round, it’s likely to be dropped into a nearby mail box by some kind hearted soul. maybe. Stealth Laptop Sleeve retails at US$27 – the most pricey manila envelope to date.

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