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These Style-heavy Bags Are a Nod to the Classic Brown Bags

Want to stand out from the crowd in this face pace, style-conscious urban jungle? How about carrying bags made out of paper? Well, not just any paper. That would be silly cos’ regular paper will pulverize under the rain. We are talking about Urban Kraft’s bags and accessories made exclusively out of innovative paper material that has the feel and look of paper, but none of its weakness. It is super strong, durable, tear-resistant, water-repellent and washable (yes. Washable. Can your regular brown shopping bag do that?). Having bags and carriers made out of ‘paper’ are sure to grab attention, but there’s just part of the story. Continue reading These Style-heavy Bags Are a Nod to the Classic Brown Bags

MacBook Module Sleeve Lets You Carry Your Apple Essentials Without The Bulk

if you love working out of your local cafe, you will know the pros and cons. the pros are obvious; like free-loading on the cafe’s electricity for your laptop, quick access to your much needed caffeinated drinks and such. as for cons, it will be constant stares by other guests who can’t find a table, plus stares from the local manager who only wish he could kick you out, and somebody tripping over your large backpack. speaking of which, you have to admit space is a valuable thing in today’s cafe and the last thing you want is to have someone tripping over your bag’s straps and stuff. that will kind of highlight your presence to everyone (and a good reason for you to leave, which you don’t want to). the solution? the Cargo Works 15-inch MacBook Module Sleeve. Continue reading MacBook Module Sleeve Lets You Carry Your Apple Essentials Without The Bulk

Booq Viper Courier Laptop Bag

traveling with a laptop is not as simple as just packing the laptop and go; it is more than that. along with the laptop, you have a host of ancillary items to go with it like the power adapter, mouse and mouse pad, and since you are traveling you probably have other essentials such as shades, smartphone and perhaps, a notebook/magazine or two. given a take-it-all bag, you probably would be over-bringing which is not a good thing because of the resulting heft and not to mention the hassle of security checks. this why sometime we need a bag like the Booq Viper Courier Laptop Bag. actually, it is not a bag per say, but more like a sleeve that can swallow up to a 15″ Macbook or equivalent PC laptop, and still have room for your iPad, notebook, mouse, magazines, pens and more – doing it all while still maintaining an ultra slim form factor. Continue reading Booq Viper Courier Laptop Bag

Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air

Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air
Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air | from US$39.95 | www.booqbags.com

when it comes to laptop sleeves, we would opt for velcro over zipper closure. in fact, we would go for anything that will not threaten to scratch our lovely laptop when we take out or slip in our laptop. however, there is another problem with today’s closure: sometime we get pretty absent-minded and forgot to, uhmm, zip up and an unfortunate flip, results in the laptop falling out. that’s not good at all. Booq’s, the maker of premium bags for gadgets, new Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air is one sleeve that will addressed these issues. Continue reading Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio
Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio | £149.00 | www.hardgraft.com

bored with your current offering of nylon, fabric or canvas MacBook sleeves? here’s a little luxe of change that you may like to consider. meet the Hard Graft’s new Grab Laptop Folio. designed to hold your 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Air and handcrafted by a duo of talented Italian leather masters, guided by the good’ole Hard Graft’s tradition of attention to details, this lovely MacBook accessory features vegetable tanned leather on one side and premium wool felt from Germany on the rest of the sleeve, including the interior. Continue reading Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio

Hard Graft Flat Pack for 13″ MacBook

Hard Graft Flat Pack for 13" MacBook
(photos: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Flat Pack 13″ | €229.00 | www.hardgraft.com

the problem with today’s laptop bag is, it has more space than we would have required. what’s the point of getting a slim laptop but ending up with a bulky bag to contain it? anyway, if you are looking at bag that does the minimal, then perhaps the Hard Graft Flat Pack 13″ might be of an interest to you. it is based on the original Flat Pack but sized for 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, or it could fit any 13-inch laptop up to 1″ x 13″ x 9″ (2.5cm x 33cm x 23cm). apart from laptop, it still have just enough space for a notebook or two and an inside pocket offers convenient storage for your cables, phone or wallet. Continue reading Hard Graft Flat Pack for 13″ MacBook

The Original V_Neck Sleeve

The Original V_Neck Sleeve
(photos: Computer Apparel) The Original V_Neck Sleeve | from US$39.99 | www.computer-apparel.com

when it comes to gadget protections, we are real fussy about it. cos’ we don’t want to look too plain or bear the iPad-next-door image. that said, a gadget sleeve (or case, if you prefer) like the The Original V_Neck Sleeve featured here would be one of our sleeve of choice. created by a very aptly named firm Computer Apparel, this novel approach in sleeve design leaves us lusting for one and would certainly stir speculations as to why would anyone tote a folded tee around. perfect deception or attraction. you be the judge. designed to look like a regular folded V-neck t-shirt and made of 100% cotton, this lovely sleeve features a well padded zipper compartment for your iPad or laptops (up to 17-inch) and a bonus second pocket for other miscellaneous items (i.e. notepad, sketchpad and the likes) – both which are located at the back of the ‘t-shirt’. Continue reading The Original V_Neck Sleeve

Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

Hard Graft Slim 13" Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13" Sleeve
(image: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (€65)/ Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (€79) | www.hardgraft.com

more good news for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Hard Graft has announced yet another duo of products to please the gadget-toting population. first up is the Hard Graft Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (aka the XII MacBook Sleeve) that is crafted from the signature 100% wool and semi-vegetable tanned cow leather combination, and offers both style and protection for your 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air. this fine example features a leather crafted front pocket to accommodate your smaller gadgets like your smartphone and the likes. the XII MacBook Sleeve is available in two colorway: All Grey and Heritage. next up is the Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (aka Slim MacBook Air Sleeve) that is designed with the 13″ MacBook Air in mind. similarly, it is crafted from German-made 100% wool felt and accented with premium semi-vegetable tanned cow leather. Continue reading Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

Incase x Ace Hotel gadget and lifestyle accessories

Incase x Ace Hotel Collection Fall 2011 900x448px
(credit: Incase) Incase x Ace Hotel Collection | from US$39.95 | www.goincase.com

incase has been busy with many collaborations lately and the latest to join its list of collaborative products is the Incase x Ace Hotel Capsule Collection for Fall 2011. this five piece collection includes a Duffel Bag (US$$224.95), Shoulder Bag (US$174.95), 15-inch MacBook Pro Laptop Sleeve (US$79.95), Portfolio for iPad 2 (US$99.95) and last but not least, a Snap Case for iPhone 4 (US$39.95). drawing its inspiration from classic flight jackets, the bags and sleeves are constructed from durable Martexin Original Wax textiles which are designed to “age expressively.” Continue reading Incase x Ace Hotel gadget and lifestyle accessories

Incase x A.P.C. collection for MacBook Pro & iPad 2

Incase x A.P.C. Collection 544x311px
Incase x A.P.C. Collection | from US$124.95 | www.goincase.com

incase has rolled out yet another collaboration for its MacBook Pro sleeve and iPad 2 case. this time, it works with Parisian fashion A.P.C. to offer Apple users sleeve for their 15-inch MacBook Pro and Book Jacket for iPad 2. the collection uses the finest selvage denim from Japan, coupled with leather trim, thus offering an added fashion sense to your everyday gadget accessories. two versions are available: the plain denim models and the A.P.C. Asia Exclusive with white screen printing. the latter are only available at A.P.C. store in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong – of which, none is anywhere near me. rather unfortunate, but at least the rest of the world still gets the plain denim version – which brings us to the next not-so-good news: the 15-inch MacBook Pro has already sold out at the time of this posting. prices start from $124.95 for the Protective Sleeve for 15-inch MacBook Pro, while the Book Jacket for iPad 2 will set you back at $224.95. a few more look after the break. Continue reading Incase x A.P.C. collection for MacBook Pro & iPad 2