The Original V_Neck Sleeve

The Original V_Neck Sleeve
(photos: Computer Apparel) The Original V_Neck Sleeve | from US$39.99 |

when it comes to gadget protections, we are real fussy about it. cos’ we don’t want to look too plain or bear the iPad-next-door image. that said, a gadget sleeve (or case, if you prefer) like the The Original V_Neck Sleeve featured here would be one of our sleeve of choice. created by a very aptly named firm Computer Apparel, this novel approach in sleeve design leaves us lusting for one and would certainly stir speculations as to why would anyone tote a folded tee around. perfect deception or attraction. you be the judge. designed to look like a regular folded V-neck t-shirt and made of 100% cotton, this lovely sleeve features a well padded zipper compartment for your iPad or laptops (up to 17-inch) and a bonus second pocket for other miscellaneous items (i.e. notepad, sketchpad and the likes) – both which are located at the back of the ‘t-shirt’. upfront, the V-neck offers additional storage for your in-ear headphones or power cords, while the breast pocket is good for holding your iPhone. and like any t-shirt, this sleeve is totally machine washable. The Original V_Neck Sleeve is available with a price tag of $39.99 for the iPad + Tablet version and $49.99 for the laptop version.

Computer Apparel via StarTribune

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