Folderix USB Flash Drive

Folderix USB Flash Drive
(photos: Art Lebedev Studio) Folderix USB Flash Drive | US$14.99 |

USB flash drive is something most of us can’t live without these days. it has kind of replaced the physical folders that we use to be lugging around. we have seen the digital representation of the physical folder in the form of folder icons on our computer and thus, wouldn’t it be appropriate to have your USB flash drive looking like a folder as well? the Folderix USB Flash Drive designed by Art Lebedev Studio is the flash drive that looks like the folder icon that we are all so familiar with. available in 4GB capacity and in a choice of three colors: yellow, blue, and purple, the Folderix USB flash Drive can be yours for just $14.99 a pop. check some larger views of the Folderix after the break.

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