Kandao 360-degree Conference Camera

Have you been on a multiple attendees video conference? Well, that wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience, was it? I mean, it is no fun with so many people cramped in front of a webcam. But not if Kandao Meeting can help it. Kandao Meeting is designed specifically for video conferencing.

Kandao 360-degree Conference Camera

Billed as an intelligent 8K 360-degree video conference camera, it lets every one in the meeting inside the frame without sandwiching together. Kandao Meeting is not just another video conference camera. It is more and the more is afforded by artificial intelligence.

“By using AI-enabled facial recognition and eight omnidirectional microphones to pick up the sound, Kandao Meeting can automatically locate the active speaker and highlight on his/her gesture and facial expression. In this way, everyone can feel they’re in the center of a conversation, without any remotely control or awkwardly turning of camera during the video meeting.”

Kandao 360-degree Conference Camera

Moreover, it offers three different meeting scenarios, allowing to pull off split view of who is speaking, focus on a presenter with exclusive shot of him/her and switching to others if necessary and finally, a global view of all attendees without auto-focusing.

Other highlights include pop-up 8K camera, each outfitted with a high-quality fisheye lens, 8 microphone array, built-in speaker, and 1080p HD stream with close-up speakers view.

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If you are down, Kandao Meeting 360-degree Conference Camera is available to order on Amazon for $659 with shipping anticipated to happen early next month (September).

Images: Kandao Technology.