lets admit it: we are all ashamed of our wireless routers. that little black box, however groundbreaking, is still a black box with lights that we would gladly stow away in some obscured corner of our pad, but the Airfy Wireless Router you see here is about to change that. the Airfy is probably the first router that truly fulfills the ethos of form and functionality. form is, as you can see, a lamp-light design that anyone would be proud to display openly and functionality, comes in the form of a fully-compliant 802.11 a/c router. in fact, it is more. it also doubles as a Bluetooth iBeacon, allowing it to be setup as a local, wireless point-of-sale system in your business of operation such as a pub or shop. the latter is achieved with the aid of a mobile app that supports mobile payment using a proprietary POS (point-of-sale) gateway.

as a router, it has 50 LEDs built into the device that will flash with various ‘events’ such as when there’s a Facebook update, incoming phone calls, or just about anything you desire – all programmable via the smartphone app. but the concept behind Airfy is more profound then just eye-catching light works and a solid wireless foundation; it goes beyond providing a WiFi hotspot for homes and businesses with a dream to do so for free (well, except for the initial money you will have plonk down for the hardware) and securely. it achieve this by introducing a single 10-second welcome message, along with a commercial that will be shown at start of each one-hour session. the advertisement will help generate revenue wherever someone clicks on the ad. this ad feature will not be visible on your home devices, which runs on a separate private airfy network from the rest of the guests and all data is, naturally, encrypted.

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the Airfy Wireless Router is currently on Indiegogo seeking financial aid to take this device from concept to reality, and the awesome thing is, it is on flexible funding, which means if you back this project with say, $139 or more, you will guarantee yourself a set to be delivered in September 2014. obviously, what the Airfy Wireless Router is capable is more than what we have laid out here, and we think it is best that you catch a pitch video below to learn more, and of course, hit up the product’s Indiegogo page for even more detail and also learn about the different reward levels available.

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