What you see here is not a daredevil person taking to the sky with a couple of rotors strapped onto him/her. It is a radio controlled drone with a fake person on it. This wouldn’t be awe-inspiring though if not for the fact that this RC Flying Man is actually 1:1 scale, AKA life-size.

Yes. You heard that right. It is a freaking life-size model of a person right there. Usually, we just go “nah”, its just another drone dressed differently, but clearly, if it is 1:1 scale, it is surely worthy a mention. Seriously, how often do we see such a crazy flying contraption? Not very often.

Besides, it looks absolutely like a real person flying around with a jetpack which sets our imagination running wild. The RC Flying Man In 1:1 Scale was custom-built and flown by Graner Berg at a RC Heli Meeting in Wolfhagen, Germany sometime this month (August).

I can’t help but to wonder if anyone not in the meet mistook it for an actual person flying with a “jetpack”? Continue reading for the video of this glorious flight.

Image: YouTube (RC MEDIA WORLD).

Source: The Awesomer.

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