Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II

Well, this is a first. What you see here is a limited edition Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II. It is the first-ever Star Wars-themed product release from the U.S. audio equipment maker and rightly, it should tickles the fancy of demanding audio enthusiasts who are fond of Star Wars.

Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II further proves my sentiment that Dark Side sells (more than Light Side). As you can see, the usual matte black of the QuietComfort 35 is gone. In place is a Dark Side theme in black and red colorway, along with the newly revealed Sith insignia which will be seen in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie.

Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II

Speaking of the movie, the official movie branding can also be found inside the headband. But really, cosmetic is about it. The rest of the audio can is essentially the QC35 Headphones II.

However, headphones is not the only Bose collab with Star Wars. Bose also worked with Lucasfilm and Trigger Global for a Star Wars audio AR experience which will be available later this month to the official Star Wars app.

Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II

Here’s what the Star Wars audio AR experience is about:

Star Wars audio AR experience will deliver a 360-degree audio augmented reality timeline featuring Rey’s lightsaber… you’ll feel as if you’re inside Star Wars scenes involving Rey’s (formerly Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s) iconic Jedi weapon. The audio has been remixed from the ground-up for this experience to take advantage of Bose AR technology, and will feature spatialized sound for unique, gesture-driven interaction where the user can freeze a scene, move toward elements, hear new content, and listen from new angles — or, as Obi-Wan might say, “a certain point of view.” Yes, you’ll be able to experience the conflicts from the side of the villains.”

Star Wars audio AR experience in Star Wars app will be compatible with Bose Frames, Bose Headphones 700, as well as the Bose QC35 Headphones II (including the limited edition version, of course).

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Here’s a video on the Bose AR experience:

As for the Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II, it is now available exclusively to U.S. customers for $399.95. At the time of this post, we noted that the stock is “low” and so, if you want one, you may want to act on it fast. Also, it is worthy to note that the headphones is limited to one per person.

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