You Heard Of Augmented Reality, Now Experience Star Wars With Audio Augmented Reality

The mention of augmented reality (AR) conjures up the idea of graphics overlaid in real world. But do you know, there’s audio AR too? And audio AR is what Bose and Trigger are bringing to fans of Star Wars.

Bose Releases Limited Edition Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker QC35 Headphones II

Well, this is a first. What you see here is a limited edition Bose Star Wars QC35 Headphones II. It is the first-ever Star Wars-themed product release from the U.S. audio equipment maker and rightly, it should tickles the fancy of demanding audio enthusiasts who are fond of Star Wars.

Bose Portable Home Speaker Announced, Works With AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant

Bose has just expanded its Bose smart speaker family. Joining the Home Speaker 500 and 300, and the Soundbar 700 and 500 is the Bose Portable Home Speaker. If your intended use of a Bluetooth speaker is to bring around and you are a loyal Apple user, the obvious boons of the Bose Portable Home […]

Bose Headphones 700 Has 11 Levels Of Noise Cancellation, Voice Assistant

Bose has just reveal a new active noise cancellation headphones, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, that should appeal to users who are extremely particular about environmental noises. With the Bose Headphones 700, you get to choose from 11 levels of robust noise cancellation. You can choose to bump up the noise cancellation to minimize the […]

If You Have A Wired Bose Cans, You May Want To Check Out This Accessory

Before the era of wireless headphones, many Bose users would have the good’ol wired noise cancelling headphones. If you one them who contemplate on upgrading to a wireless variety, you may want to check out this sleek (and dare we say neat) accessory called AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter from Bolle & Raven. Available for Bose […]

Meet The New Bose Voice Assistant-Enabled Smart Speakers

Is it just me who feel Bose is being particularly aggressive in pushing out new and innovative products lately? Prior to the Bose Frames and after the ear plugs, it has announced a couple of new ‘smart’ audio devices: a new wireless smart speaker called Bose Home Speaker 500 and two new smart sound bars, […]

Bose Now Has A Pair Of Sunglasses And It Is The World’s First To Tout Audio AR

Well, what do you know? Audio equipment maker Bose has just introduced a pair of sunglasses this week. You heard that right. Sunglasses, from Bose. Naturally, this being Bose, you’d expect audio of some form to be in the mix. The Bose Frames, as it is called, indeed have that. Not only does it pump […]

Oh, Look. Bose Now Also Makes Earplugs To Keep Noises Out Too

If the myriad of night time noises are keeping you awake, then it is high time to get yourself a pair of earbuds (or earplugs if you will). Earbuds are a dime a dozen. From the cheapest that you can in hardware stores, normally use when working in constructions, to those that allows you to […]

Bose SoundSport Free Cut The Cords, But Not Looking Awkward Like AirPods

Wireless in-ear headphones aren’t new at all and like many overly common products, we tend to skip them unless it has some worthy mentions. However, when the Bose SoundSport Free surfaced, we are obliged to let you know just to remind everyone how freaking hideous Apple AirPods is. Long before Bose came onboard the wireless […]

Bose’s Future Headphones Lets You Tune Out What You Don’t Want To Hear

By today’s standard, putting on a pair of headphones would means you chose to listen to music over conversation. I didn’t make this up; it is a norm accepted by everyone since with music blasting into your sound holes, you’d be straining to hear others and if you speak, you’d be yelling to be heard… […]