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Bose’s Future Headphones Lets You Tune Out What You Don’t Want To Hear

By today’s standard, putting on a pair of headphones would means you chose to listen to music over conversation. I did’t make this up; it is a norm accepted by everyone since with music blasting into your sound holes, you’d be straining to hear others and if you speak, you’d be yelling to be heard… by yourself. This is where Hearphones Conversation-enhancing Headphones by Bose aims to address. Details on this revolutionary personal listening device are not extensive, but according to its dedicated website, Hearphones puts you in control of what you want to listen. Continue reading Bose’s Future Headphones Lets You Tune Out What You Don’t Want To Hear

Bose Introduces BOSEbuild For Kids To Build Their Own Bose Speaker

Bose is expanding its horizontal to include children. It now wants to educate the young ones about the birds and the bees of… speakers and it wants to do so by selling you the BOSEbuild Built-It-Yourself Speaker for Kids. To anyone who knows their Marketing 101, you know exactly where’s Bose is heading with BOSEbuild. It is the first of the DIY kit is a cube speaker that lets kids put together a Bluetooth speaker, after which they can personalize the fruit of their labor with colors and covers. It promised to be easy to build and comes with the necessary instructions which Bose described as “involve discovery and education – from how a simple magnet and coil make sound, to how a speaker reproduces music.” In other words, kids will not only build, but also kind of know the theory behind the build, which could be good source education outside of school. Continue reading Bose Introduces BOSEbuild For Kids To Build Their Own Bose Speaker

Bose’s New Headphones Lets You Control How Much Noise To Block

When it comes to headphones, Bose is one company that’s relentless in the pursuit of quietness and audio excellency. The all-new QuietComfort 35 and QuietControl 30 are the latest examples of this pursuit. Bose raises the bar of wireless noise cancelation headphones, letting you cut the ding out of the environment completely and while that may sound (pun not intended) rather ‘run-of-the-mill’, Bose promised remarkable silence when the around-ear QuietComfort 35’s noise cancellation is activated. Microphones inside and outside the earcups detects unwanted sounds which are then eliminated by two proprietary digital electronic chips to offer you dramatic quietness, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes without distraction. It saves your ears too, since there’s no need to crank up to the eleven in order to hear what you want to hear. Continue reading Bose’s New Headphones Lets You Control How Much Noise To Block

Bose Introduces New SoundLink Mini Speaker II with a Slew of New Features

There is no arguing with Bose’s audio quality, no matter how small the speaker is. That said, if you are in the market for an ultra portable, sophisticated Bluetooth speaker with the audio prowess to boot, then you might want to give the new Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II a thought. Billed as the most feature-rich, ultra-portable SoundLink speaker ever, the Mini II is updated with speakerphone functionality which its predecessor lacks, a longer battery life for up to 10 hours of playback, multi-connect capability that allows two device to be connected at the same time, and voice prompts that guides you through a painless pairing process. Continue reading Bose Introduces New SoundLink Mini Speaker II with a Slew of New Features

Bose Debuts Next Generation QuietComfort Headphones, Promised A New Level Of Quiet

it has been while since we were last impressed by any Bose headphones as far as design goes and hence, the lack of them here. however, the next-generation QuietComfort headphones announced last week, the QuietComfort 25 already had us at hello. granted we can’t attest to the sound yet, but as far as looks and what’s being promised under the hood goes, it sure sounds like Bose has a winner in their hands. aesthetically, we are digging its clean look, which unlike the QuietComfort 15, has less thing going on. we believe ‘sleek’ is the word we use to describe such design excellency. on the technical aspect, the QuietComfort 25 is the culmination of three decades of research, boasting a more finely tuned Active EQ that delivers a smoother frequency response spanning the entire spectrum of sound, regardless of listening level. Continue reading Bose Debuts Next Generation QuietComfort Headphones, Promised A New Level Of Quiet

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

though touted as portable, the new Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III is not exactly the most portable Bluetooth speaker in the market. it won’t slip into your pocket, nor will it fit into the palm of your hands, but what Bose did with the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III was striking a balance between portability while not sacrificing awesome sound. beneath its stylish aluminum body hides four drivers and a pair of passive radiator, offering Bose’s trademark full spectrum audio and clarity across all listening level. thanks to the radiators, you can be sure your mobile party will never lack of thumping sound while the built-in digital signal processing lets you crank up the volume however high (the volume, not you btw) you desire. in fact, Bose claims that SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III is louder than the firm’s previous version of Bluetooth speakers. Continue reading Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems

not everyone is born with the knack of dealing with complex setup required by some audio systems, but luckily for the general masses who can afford to dole out some decent money, there are the Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems that lets you enjoy the signature audio bliss Bose is known for, without becoming a mad scientist. and just to be sure they have every possible segment of music lovers covered, Bose has introduced not one, not two, but three such systems, and they are: the SoundTouch 30 that will have your largest room covered and possibly serves as your home’s main music system; the SoundTouch 20 for bedrooms, kitchen or other mid-size rooms; and the SoundTouch Portable that shrinks things down a little and slapped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the on-the-go full-range audio enjoyment. the SoundTouch technology will eventually propagates to include Bose mainstay, the Wave music system, with other new SoundTouch systems joining the lineup early next year. Continue reading Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

if the Bose SoundLink proves a little too big for your mobile lifestyle, but you still crave for the audio bliss Bose products bring about, then check out the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. the smallest in the Bose SoundLink family, the Mini features the advanced audio performance expected from Bose, while letting you wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablets and the likes, so you can take that audio enjoyment anywhere you go. enclosed within its sleek 7.1″ x 2.3″ x 2″ (180 x 58 x 50 mm) single-piece aluminum casing is proprietary technologies and an innovative driver configuration to achieve a full-range sound from the deepest lows to highest highs. a built-in battery pack ensures you will be rocking to your favorite tunes for up to 7 hours, rechargeable with the included wall charger or the matching charging cradle. a 3.5mm auxiliary input is included, catering to non-Bluetooth sources, while a micro USB port offers a medium for updating the device’s software whenever it is available. the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is available now for $199 a pop. have a few more look after the break. Continue reading Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Headphones

the myth is in-ear buds don’t quite need noise canceling, but you and i know that ain’t true. that “don’t need” largely depends on the environment and so suspect that the technology to replicate the excellent nuisance noise eliminator in such tiny buds are not every makers’ forte. Bose did it. with the Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Headphones. the audio equipment maker has ported its noise canceling technology found on its headphones and cramped it into this handsome in-ear headphones, featuring up to 16 hours of noise busting duties from its lithium-ion battery, along with a toggle button to choose between a full-on noise reduction or the aware mode to let some of the world’s noise in so that you can still keep in touch with the “outside” world while you are enjoying your favorite tunes. Continue reading Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Headphones

Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones

Bose is a little bit late in the wireless headphone game, but here it is, the new (and first) wireless headphone from the Massachusetts-based audio equipment maker, the Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones. what you get is the familiar timeless Bose audio can design, along with a rather awkward, protruding attachment that is actually the Bluetooth control module. also packed into this over-ear headphone is Bose’s proprietary TriPort technology that promised a full-range sound from clear highs to the full lows. the control module also fear active equalization which Bose said will offer noticeable improvement on the audio reproduction. in short, you will get the sound quality that Bose has been known for with the wireless convenience provided by Bluetooth wireless audio streaming. Continue reading Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones