I am no expert in home cinema sound but for a company like Bose who has been in the business of home theater, I am sure they know a thing or two. If you trust this long-time audio equipment, then perhaps you will want to check out its new Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

This latest soundbar from Bose promises a top-of-the-line sound experience with Dolby Atmos, and Bose TrueSpace technology. The latter separates instruments, dialogue, and effects, and places them in different parts of a room for a truly immersive spatial audio experience.

And then there’s AI Dialogue Mode that automatically balances voice and surround sound so you’d be able to hear the dialogues as you are surrounded by sound from every direction – courtesy of two upward-firing dipole speakers.

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

Other highlights include control with Google and Alexa, wireless streaming over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect, single connection to the TV via an optical cable or an HDMI eARC, control with the Bose Music app and ADAPTiQ calibration.

You can learn more about the new Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar at Bose.com where you can also purchase a unit for US$899.

Images: Bose.

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