Bluelounge Shell – tactile, minimalist beauty iPad 2 case

Bluelounge Shell iPad 2 Case 900x595px
(photos: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Shell | US$29.95 |

in the world of iPad cases, there are two extremes: one that’s overly extravaganza and another that’s too ‘run-of-the-mill’ but there exist an option that comes between the two. meet the Bluelounge Shell, a minimalist yet sleek shell that has your iPad’s back covered while still allowing you to use your favorite Apple Smart Cover. so what’s so special about this case? first off, it is not just another plastic molded case. it has a tactile design that features elegant textures, finished with a finger-inviting soft-touch paint. this addition not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but will also provide that extra ‘traction’ when holding your iPad 2. in line with the minimalist approach, the Shell is offered in two colors: Black or White, and for each color option, you have three tactile design pattern to choose from: Golf, Tartan or Floral. effectively, giving you a choice of size different designs to choose from. the Bluelounge Shell is easy on your wallet too, costing just $29.95 a pop. a few more closer look after the break.
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