after addressing the luxury portable storage with the LaCie Galet USB key, LaCie has again teamed up with French silverware specialist Christofle to offer the next step in luxurious computing: the LaCie Christofle Sphère Luxury External Hard Drive. presented in an impeccable spherical form, the Sphère Luxury External Hard Drive’s enclosure is made of metal, silver-plated in a manual plating process and finally polished to a perfect brightness in Christofle’s silversmith workshop in Normandy, France. under the hood, it has a 1TB capacity hard drive with connectivity facilitated by a powered USB 3.0 port for a single cable solution when connected to your computer. an added touch of elegance is offered by a lone blue LED at the front of this luxury gadget for the hard drive status.

as with most LaCie storage solutions, the Sphère Luxury External Hard Drive comes standard with LaCie’s software suite, which includes Backup Assistant for easy and automated backup, Private-Public for password protection, and Eco Mode for energy savings. unfortunately, white jewelry handling gloves, which we humbly think is a must when handling this piece of mirror-shiny gadget, do not come as a standard, but we are sure if you are ready to drop $490 for this ball of steel, a pair of quality gloves wouldn’t be an issue. scroll down for another look and while you there, do check out a similarly elegant product promo video to learn more.

LaCie Christofle Sphère Luxury External Hard Drive

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