LaCie GALET is a luxurious-chic USB flash drive

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(image credit: LaCie) LaCie Christofle Galet USB Flash Drive | US$130.00 |

LaCie is not stranger in combining tech with design. new from LaCie is this luxury USB flash drive designed in collaboration with Christofle. measuring 39-mm in diameter, this pebble-shaped USB flash drive is silver plated with Christofle’s more than 180-years of in-depth knowledge in silver-plating process. the 4 GB USB is equipped with speedy USB 3.0 technology, while still has backward compability with both USB 2.0 and 1.1. it even comes with a keychain strap, giving you an option to double-up the USB flash drive as a keychain.
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we have one concern, though. while the form and shape is small for a flash drive but its circular design means intrusion to the neighboring USB ports, rendering them useless when the GALET is plugged in. whenever the term ‘luxury’ is used, you know it won’t come cheap. the luxury Lacie/Christofle GALET will set you back at $130 and is available via LaCie official website. however, at the time of posting it is stated as ‘out-of-stock’.

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