VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 is lomography goes digital

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(image credit: VistaQuest/neongeckooo/St. Vicious) VistaQuest VQ1015 R2 Digital Camera | about US$70.00 |

if you thought dreamy colors, vignettes and contrasty pictures associated with lomography is only achievable by film, think again. the VQ 1015 R2 from VistaQuest, gives you the fun you had with lomography without the hassle of hitting the photo shops to develop those artsy photos you have taken. spotting a modest 1.3 megapixels, the VQ 1015 R2 features an unique fixed lens setup: one glass layer and two plastic layers. the plastic lens is true to lomography’s tradition. it boost a CMOS with better response under lowlight condition and adjustable parameters for focus, shutter speed, light adjustment, and image stabilization.
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VQ 1015 R2’s storage is in the form of SD card (no internal storage here), and has an USB port for downloading of images via USB cable. being a fun, budget digital camera, functions such as flash, zoom and preview LCD were omitted. however it does spot a tiny status LCD and a flip-up viewfinder. the VQ 1015 R2 is petite camera measuring 60-mm wide, 38-mm high and just 20-mm thick, and weighs in at just 15 grams. power for the VQ 1015 R2 comes from a single AA alkaline battery, freeing you from the worries of charging. being fun camera, it comes in a choice of eight different hues, including an olive-color item which is a limited Japan-only model.

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head on to VistaQuest website to check out some images taken with the VQ 1015 R2. pretty impressive. i love lomography, but the suspense of how the photos turn out while waiting it to develop is too intense for me. perhaps this is probably a good in-between solution for me. however, lomographical-speaking, there’s a trade-off: being digital means lomography fan will miss out fun of double or multiple exposures that came with a film camera.

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