The word “wacky” is never associated with video game console, but here it is, a wacky video game console that has just surfaced in the market and it is called GameBender. From the maker of wacky, fun and educational gadgets, Makey Makey, GameBender is a video game system that lets intentionally let you modify games as you are playing them. It is, in the words of its creator, “almost like Photoshopping the game.”

GameBender Video Game Console

Makey Makey hope that with this innovative gaming system, it will encourage wild creativity (read: craziness in a fun way) and spiral down the path into coding that will feel more like “a party or an art class” and not so much as a homework. Users are empowered to write their own codes by picking up the codes from the available code cards to create “glitches” which can then apply to any game.

So what can these “glitches” do? Well, it lets you modify games to be controlled using sound, your hands, turn yourself into a pinball flipper or your pet kitty into a ball in the game, add filter to change the tone of the game and more. You know, just a bunch of fun and really wacky stuff. In addition to doing wacky things to video games, it also offers apps and even lets you create TV shows. In other words, GameBender is a creators’ machine that makes creating fun.

Unfortunately, GameBender is not a legit Bender that will be recognized in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

You can learn more about GameBender in the pitch video or, if you want, hit up its Kickstarter campaign page where you can pledge for a console for $289-379. If all go as planned, i.e. it gets funded, delivery will happen sometime in February 2020.

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Images: GameBender/Makey Makey.

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