space gray, gold and silver. these are classy colors that Apple is offering for the new iPhone 5s and we can’t help but to associate these colorways with the more well-off consumers. though, that’s just our opinion which could be entirely untrue. in any case, for most people, this elegant styling is not going to be seen often cos’ it will probably be hidden away by a case or something. so, if snapping on a case is a must for you, ADOPTED Leather Case for iPhone 5s has just the appropriate accessory for the iPhone 5s which may be planning to get. the duo, a vintage-inspired Leather Frame Case and a Leather Folio, is inspired by the brand’s award-winning Leather Wrap Case, featuring patent-pending metallized frame and unique application of leather inlays.

the Leather Frame Case sports a two-piece interlocking construction for all-round outer bezel protection for your 5s while maintaining the phone’s unique, elegant characteristic in a choice of color combos: pewter/gunmetal and white/gold, and topped off with matching leather inlays. the ADOPTED Leather Folio, on the other hand, takes on a more comprehensive protection approach, covering your handset’s front, back, as well as sides. crafted from genuine full-grain leather, the Folio has a soft suede interior and an integrated card pocket for it to function as a wallet for times when you just need a few cards and a phone. the Folio is available in pewter/silver and white/gold colorways for $59.95 a pop, while the Leather Frame Case has a $39.95 sticker.

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