There is nothing that screams ‘geeky!’ like a transparent phone. That is why since as far back as 2011, geeks from around the world have been carrying out risky transparent-back mod. But why risk it all when you can have the “transparent” look without lifting a single screw? That is precisely what the dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins have to offer.

dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins

Teardown is a limited edition skin designed and produced in collaboration with Zack “JerryRigEverything” Nelson. JerryRigEverything is, of course, the popular YouTube celebrity who does tear down of devices to see what’s under the hood. He was also one of the guy who popularized transparent mods.

It is clear (pun not intended, btw) that this isn’t the first “risk-free transparent mode,” i.e. skin, but what you get from dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown is, a look of the inside of some of the latest devices, including the entire line of iPhone 11, the new Samsung Galaxy phones (S10 and Note10 series), OnePlus and more. There’s even one that will have your Nintendo Switch covered.

dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins

So, if you want to jazz up the look of your phone that will make you look like the tech person, then get yourself the dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins.

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Some words of warning thought. Don’t procrastinate because, dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown is only available for a week and at the time of this post, it has six days left before it disappears from the dbrand website.

You can find dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins HERE selling for $19.95 a pop. Oh, there’s also case version for those who prefer more robust protection. The grip case version retails for $29.93.

Images: dbrand.

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