The benefits of e-paper, AKA e-ink, are obvious. It consumes less power, it’s always-on, it won’t break like glass displays do, has wide viewing angle, and it is lightweight and totally sunlight readable – just to name a few. However, enjoying those benefits means giving up on colors, but that’s until now.

E INK New Color e-Paper Demoed

At the recent, Wacom Connected Event in Japan, E INK demoed a new e-paper with colors. This new color e-paper is capable of displaying thousands of color combinations. Finally, colors have arrived to e-paper and man, let it be known it has been a development many, including myself, have been looking forward to.

Imagine reading your favorite graphic novels on an eReader without comprising on colors and taking in the details like it was on traditional print version. Imagine that!

E INK New Color e-Paper Demoed

According to our source, E INK Color e-Paper is set to be mass produced in Q2 2020 and the products will be released by Q3 2020. Color E-ink is just around the corner. Personally, I am thrilled by the prospect of being able to draw digitally while maintaining the look and feel of traditional paper and pen (or pencil).

However, it is not without its caveats as far as we can see from the demo. It is like most e-ink display, sluggish. The response rate leaves much to be desire. We surely hope final color e-paper products won’t be so.

Images and source: YouTube (Goodereader).

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