Reasons Why Having A Pocket Knife Is Very Practical

There are a lot of gadgets that you can carry around but they are all very different in the functionality they provide. In fact, many gadgets that people choose to carry with them today offer no functionality or practicality at all. Due to technology, the internet, and our deep-seated infatuation with style, we often forget the reliability and practicality of things that humans have been using for thousands of years.

The best example of an extremely useful accessory that the majority of people no longer carry, is the knife. It is one of the earliest tools that humans developed and is something that can be used in many different situations, yet people pay little attention to the humble pocket knife. In many cases, a pocket knife can literally be a life-saving device. However, in the modern day, as with many other things, the pocket knife has also become something that is more of a style statement than a practical tool.

Most people who have never owned a knife will consider investing in one simply due to the style. However, here are a few reasons why everyone should carry a knife and why it is an extremely useful tool to have rather than just a stylish gadget.

Reasons Why Having A Pocket Knife Is Very Practical
Image: Unsplash (Denise Jans).

1. Functionality

Knives, especially pocket knives, are designed for different tasks. There are countless knife manufacturers across the globe each touting their product as being the best. In reality, even the humble kitchen knife has a number of functions and no single knife is effective in every situation. However, the pocket knife is one such kind that draws on the key elements of every kind of knife.

Whether you want to slice up some vegetables or you want something that you can use as a defensive weapon, there is a pocket knife for it. If you are a person who enjoys being handy around the house and doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty, then a pocket knife is a tool you should certainly invest in.

2. Style

Just like any kind of accessory the pocket knife can be customized and personalized to your liking. Whether you like classic wooden handles or you like the latest kind of metal, there is definitely something that you can buy. If you don’t like off-the-shelf options you can build a unique pocket knife according to your specific requirements and tastes.

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Many mainstream manufacturers give you the option to customize their offerings to better meet your demands. If you are looking for an interesting DIY project you could even make one yourself. It might require some additional machinery, but it’s a worthy investment that can be used for a number of other tasks as well. Some designer pocket knives can be quite pricey but if you are looking for style then they might be the best option.

3. Safety

Being knives, we all know just how dangerous they can be. In certain situations, that is exactly what you want your pocket knife to be when you are trying to save your own life. While it might not always be possible to carry around a firearm, carrying a knife is nearly always possible. This is why many criminals have resorted to this weapon rather than using guns or just their fists. It has the ability to intimidate, serious harm, and also be relatively legal.

For most people carrying a firearm is not a good option in terms of logistics. It requires a lot of legal documentation and it can be extremely dangerous to keep, especially with young children around. A pocket knife is far safer in comparison and much easier to purchase and own. If you are looking for safety, then the pocket knife is the way to go.

4. Convenience

The pocket knife also offers a lot of functionality. There are a lot of different options that you could go for and some are also extremely specialized tools. However, in general, a pocket knife can be used to do everything from lighting a fire to screwing screws to cutting up meat to cook. More importantly, a pocket knife offers a surface that is not commonly found in the natural environment. If you are outdoors you would be hard-pressed to find something that easily cuts things.

Reasons Why Having A Pocket Knife Is Very Practical
Image: Unsplash (Maxim Potkin).

The reliability, practicality, and functionality that a knife provides are truly unique. This is why soldiers and special operations personnel all over the world still carry a sturdy pocket knife even though they have access to all the latest weapons and gadgets that they need. It is a piece of equipment that can be a lifesaver in many situations and it is something that can perform the job of many other tools but all those tools cannot replace the sturdy pocket knife.

Featured image: Pixabay (Johnnys_pic).