You know how in some sci-fi animes/movies, the supervillain wears a giant exoskeleton suit so he or she can wreak havoc and possibly, take over the world? Well that, my friends, is sci-fi no more.

In fact, it has existed since 2011 when a company in Japan called Skeletonics made it real. The company had a pre-order campaign back in 2018 where consumers can actually order the robotic suit, custom to their needs, for 10,000,000 yen (about US$76,554).

Though, thankfully, the Skeletonics is nothing sinister. It can’t go around tearing down buildings or go on a stampede, destroying vehicles. It can, however, provide some pretty awesome entertainment as proven by its demo at the Haneda Smart City EXPO 2021.

Skeletonics Human Body Expansion Gear

Anywho, Skeletonics is a piece of fascinating hardware. It expands the wearer’s height to an imposing 3 meter tall (about 9 feet) and enables the wearer to perform all sorts of movements.

It basically reflects the user movements – much like what you see in Real Steel but with a person in it. As such, the suit is therefore only as agile as the wearer is. Even more amazing is, it does so without electric power. It moves using a patented technology that leverages the kinetic energy of the wearer’s movements to allow the suit to move.

Skeletonics Human Body Expansion Gear

The latest development saw Skeletonics combining the upper and lower body together thus reducing the burden on the wearer. Clearly, this machine does amplify the user’s strength to some extent but it is unclear by how much.

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While it moves with electricity, it does not mean it is not powered. There are electrical elements as well as mechatronics technology in it. It is not clearly explained but we believe the digits of the robotic suit have electrical/mechatronic elements. And no. It has no weapons. So you can stop thinking of getting this suit to dominate the world.

Speaking of buying, we are not sure if it is still available. However, we are 100% sure it is available to rent for events – taking over the world, not included. It is also available to rent even in the U.S too.

Images: Skeletonics [JP]/YouTube (ロボットスタート株式会社).

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