Giant MacBook Roof on Apple Store in Chicago

Now, we all know how Apple is obsessed with details and that includes obsessing over every elements that goes into its store, and the upcoming flagship store in Chicago is no different. Not only does this store, which is actually a relocation of the original flagship store in Chicago, a showcase of Apple obsession with style and details, it has a little something extra – something which we have never seen and never would have imagined Apple would do so. So what is it that surprise us (or at least me)? The roof. It is in the likeness of a MacBook, complete with the iconic bitten apple branding out there on top, in the open for all on the skyscraper towering around to view. That’s right. This upcoming flagship store in Chicago has a enormous MacBook for the roof.

Pretty cool, eh? Or maybe not. In some way, it is kind of cheesy. Never in my life would I have imagined Apple would request such a feature. On the other hand, it quite subtle. One will not even know that thin silver roof was a Macbook unless he or she is up above, on one the towering skyscrapers that surround it. When I first read about it, I was half-expecting the Apple branding to be a skylight roof or something which will leverage on the interior light to glow like the early MacBooks (while letting daylight into the building), but as it turns out, it was in fact giant sticker or sort.

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You can see the workers putting the logo in place before removing it in a video posted by DNAinfo Chicago. According to a report, this soon-to-be Chicago city landmark is the brainchild of London-based architecture firm, Foster+Partners. Apart from the MacBook roof, this 20,000-square-foot store will similar to other Apple stores which means the facade is entirely of glass. The combination of slim roof and all-glass constitution, we read, was supposed to “blur the boundaries between what’s perceived to be inside and outside of the shop.” Hmm. So, it is supposed to invisible, or something? Keep going for the aforementioned video.

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