There are crazy mods and inventions, and then there is this: a swearing Roomba. “Hacked” by foul mouth YouTuber Michael Reeves, this Roomba is no longer suffering in silence when it bumps into stuff; it now announced its pain verbally The way this vocal Roomba screams and swears when it knocked into walls and furniture, you’d think Reeves may have somehow transferred his consciousness into the Roomba.

It is downright vulgar and crude, but boy, was it super fun to watch at the same time. Not going to lie. It cracked me up. But for sure, it is not a video for the easily offended and whoever thinks swearing is a sin. But hey, when humans kicked something that induces pain, we scream in agony and sometimes swear and so, why a robot be any different? Reeves said he is humanizing the robot and he seem to have achieved that. Ladies and gentlemen, swearing does make us more human. I swear it does.

Mankind has been obsessed with equality and therefore, a hardworking, albeit clumsy, robot should be on equal standing and be allowed to make a fuss when it hit something. No? As far as setup is concerned, Reeves got it to work with a touch sensor to sense bumps, a Raspberry Pi computer which he programmed using Python to process what just happened and playback the recorded screaming/cursing through a Bluetooth speaker strapped inside the robot vacuum cleaner.

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Initially, he used computer-generated voices to relay the “pain” of the Roomba, but eventually decided that it lacks the human touch. The next logically step to humanising it would be to record fellow YouTubers’ screaming and swearing which he did and the result was, well, lets just say that it is explicit. Skip ahead for the video, but be warned, it is explicit.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Mashable.

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