Not sure if you remember the 7,500-piece LEGO MOC Millennium Falcon by Hannes Tscharner, AKA Marshall Banana, we saw in 2015. That LEGO MOC of one of the most iconic Star Wars spaceships absolutely blew my mind and now, he has done it yet again. In his relentless pursuit for a movie-accurate LEGO Millennium Falcon, he continued to work on the original to result in this even more astonishingly accurate work of art: a 12,000-plus-piece behemoth.

LEGO Millennium Falcon ROJT Mark II

That said, the size of the Millennium Falcon Mark II, as Marshall calls it, did not change (not by length and width, at least) and given the bump in piece count by roughly 4,500-ish, you can only imagine how much more detailed it has gotten. Owing to the release of the LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) 75192 Millennium Falcon released in 2017, Marshal was able to secure some new parts to further tweak the details of his 2015’s creation.

According to the brothers brick, this latest iteration was based on the designs of the Corellian freighter that appeared in Return of the Jedi and the 32-inch model used by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Some of the notables improvement include detachable landing gear, new mandibles design, radar dish and hull details, and with this updated version, it now gets a full interior which the 2015 did not have. You can check Marshal’s Flickr page for more amazing photos.

Images: Flickr (Marshal Banana).

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Source: the brothers brick.

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