Remember the revolutionary convertible dress from a few years ago? Well, it now has a third generation. Called Omnia Chéri, it is made of 2-sided, lightweight, “cupro” fabric and continues the same unique convertible tradition, affording you an outfit fit for hen’s night to a dress for your bridesmaid duty. Heck, if you can keep it in pristine state for the entire day, it could even turn into an evening dress for the night’s dinner too. Yes, it is that versatile.

Omnia Chéri Convertible Dress

All told, this revolutionary convertible dress packs over 50 looks in a single dress and however you wear it, it is designed to extrude the elegance and feminine side of you. With the Omnia Chéri, you will never have to worry about bumping into another person with the exact same outfit (which is, arguably, every lady’s worst fear) because, you can change to a different look right there and then. The benefits of Omnia Chéri are obvious.

Omnia Chéri Convertible Dress

Omnia Chéri Convertible DressFirstly, you will never need to worry about wardrobe running out of space and secondly, you’d be saving yourself tons of money for what essentially is an designer item. Speaking of money, If you grab a piece during Omnia Chéri’s Kickstarter campaign, you will only need to drop $45 per dress. That is as good as paying 45 bucks for 50 dresses, which works out to, what? 90 cents for a ‘dress’? Talk about bargain hunt… The best part is, this dress gives you the bang of the buck without sacrificing the looks. I mean, just look at the images. They pretty much say it all, doesn’t it?

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Anywho, the campaign has breached its set funding goal fairly swiftly and so, if you make a pledge for the product, it is a pre-order which will be fulfilled in February 2019.

Omnia Chéri Convertible Dress

Omnia Chéri Convertible Dress

Images courtesy of Omnia Dress.

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