A comprehensive speaker system rigged for home entertainment requires a myriad of equipment, including the likes of DAC crossover, main speaker and subwoofer amps, plus there are the required speakers and subwoofer. The result? A cramped living and unsightly cables snaking around. That’s not to mention the setup is very tedious and time consuming. This is a woe Hong Kong-based ONEaudio aimed to address with its Q-Bass Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer.

Q-Bass Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer

That’s not two units there, btw. Q-Bass is a single unit that has both a full-range speaker and a proper subwoofer. In it, it has a 2-way speaker, composed of a 5.25” mid-woofer and a titanium tweeter with its own sealed enclosure, and an independent 5.25” double magnet woofer in a ported enclosure. The bass works does not end there. There is multi-pathed bass reflex vent and an air opening up front to further boost the bass. The result is 4 times the bass power.

Q-Bass Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer

With so much bass promised, it is certainly sounds like porn to bass heads (and the need to have a strong house structure). But having shattering bass is just part of the story. Also packed inside the 15 mm (0.59″) thick MDF enclosure are individually partitioned electronics boards featuring full digital circuit, three Class D amplifiers (one to each driver), and two DSP for full 32-bit audio processing.

Q-Bass Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer

Other notables include true wireless speaker (with no bridging cable or whatsoever), channel-exclusive interference-free 1.9 GHz band, HiRes audio-ready, DTS-HD and Dolby on optical input, Apple AirPlay and DLNA support, smart detection of active input with automatic connection, smart sound profile, smart audio routing, and there’s absolutely no app involved here.

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Each set up includes a Q-Bass console box called Cute.box that bridges input types, WiFi wireless audio and whatnot, and it is also the center that manages the sound, input switch as well as audio routing. I think my writing does not quite do justice to what Q-Bass Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer has to offer. As such, we suggest that you hit up the product’s Kickstarter page to pick up more details.

In the event you are keen, the pricing for the Q-Bass Wireless Speaker starts at 3,890 Hong Kong dollars (around $496). Hit the jump for the product pitch video.

Images courtesy of ONEaudio.

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