Q-Bass Is The Definitive True Wireless Speaker For Bass Heads

A comprehensive speaker system rigged for home entertainment requires a myriad of equipment, including the likes of DAC crossover, main speaker and subwoofer amps, plus there are the required speakers and subwoofer. The result? A cramped living and unsightly cables snaking around. That’s not to mention the setup is very tedious and time consuming. This […]

This is ONEmicro, The World’s Only True Wireless Surround

Between soundbar and complex and cumbersome multi speaker setup, there is, well, nothing. It is a problem surround sound aficionados are facing. One can either go with a soundbar and be at the mercy of bouncing sound, or deal with irksome wires. Even today’s wireless speakers can’t avoid having cables, which is kind of ironical […]

ONEclassic Promised To Deliver High-end Audio Through DECT, Affordably

Listening to music is like capturing images through the lens of a digital camera; they can never be WYSIWYG, or “what you see is what you get.” This is especially true when it applies to live recording, but ONEaudio, a speaker maker startup, begs to differ. The folks has taken Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications or […]