Here’s A Travel Dress That Solves All Of Ladies’ Travel Wardrobe Woes

Omnia Dress is no stranger to solving your wardrobe woes. However, this time, instead of boasting multiple ways to wear a dress, the young independent fashion label has a new piece that is aimed squarely at globetrotting ladies. Omnia Evo, as it is called, is a one-piece dress that solves two key travel wardrobe issues: […]

Omnia Chéri Is One Dress, 50+ Looks, And A Threat To Fashion Industry

Remember the revolutionary convertible dress from a few years ago? Well, it now has a third generation. Called Omnia Chéri, it is made of 2-sided, lightweight, “cupro” fabric and continues the same unique convertible tradition, affording you an outfit fit for hen’s night to a dress for your bridesmaid duty. Heck, if you can keep […]

This $60 Dress Has 100 Styles Which You Can Switch Around In Seconds

Burgeoning wardrobe is the problem experienced by most girls. The issue here is keeping up with having a different look each day and seriously, if you are going to have a different piece a day, you will have at least 365 dresses, tops, bottoms, or any of those combinations and unless you have a room […]