Omnia Dress is no stranger to solving your wardrobe woes. However, this time, instead of boasting multiple ways to wear a dress, the young independent fashion label has a new piece that is aimed squarely at globetrotting ladies. Omnia Evo, as it is called, is a one-piece dress that solves two key travel wardrobe issues: crease and discreet secure storage.

Omnia Evo Travel Dress

For starter, it has multiple storage. Quite a number for a dress, in fact. It boasts four pockets: one tiny one for your lip balm and three hidden pockets with invisible zippers for travel EDC like phone, passport, and cash and cards. While the pockets address the storage and security aspect, its wrinkle resistance material and sleek lines ensure that you look sharp every.single.time.

Omnia Evo does all this while adhering to the philosophy of easy-to-wear and maximum comfort. And did we mention that it is totally sustainable too? Yes, it sure is. The dress is made of nylon made from plastic recovered from the ocean. To put things in perspective, an Omnia Evo helps to clean the world ocean of six plastic bottles.

In addition to crease-free, Omnia Evo is also hypoallergenic, lightweight and breathable, offers UV protection to keep you safe from the wrath of the sun, and true to its nature as a travel dress, it is machine washable because, ain’t body got time to hand wash when traveling.

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Once again, Omnia Dress has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its latest ware. For a pledge of 90 dollars or more, you can secure yourself an Omnia Evo Dress in your choice of size and color. The campaign has 25 days to go, but already, it is already funded. This means, a pledge for a dress is a pre-order that will be fulfilled sometime in September 2019.

Fun fact: Artem Gavr, the co-founder and content creator of Omnia Dress, is the dude who invented the Wingo Pro we featured earlier this month.

All images courtesy of Omnia Dress.

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