Every bicycle, pedal assist or not, is essentially a workout machine. The Xmera Bionic Bike you see here is no exception, but it is a tad different from the horde of pedal electric cycle. It is the first “bionic” ebike that tracks your heart rate and other parameters like distance traveled, calories burned and what not. It is like a fitness band that you ride on, if you will.

Xmera Pedal Electric Bicycle

To achieve that, it comes with a fitness band to read your heart rate and pass on this data to the bike computer. With this data, the bike computer then tweaks the bike’s electric motor to either give more or less assisted power. That’s actually pretty clever. In addition to workout mode, the bike also offers auto and dynamic modes. Details for those two modes weren’t detailed.

Xmera Pedal Electric Bicycle

Two models are being offered through its Indiegogo campaign: a 750 W model with a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a 250 W model that makes 16 mph (26 mph). Each Xmera Bionic Bike comes outfitted with a battery that offers between 37 miles (60 km) and 124 miles (200 km), with the ability to swap out the battery for a backup battery to go farther. If you think that Xmera Bionic Bike looks rather familiar, well, that is because, it was at the CES earlier this year.

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You can learn more about Xmera Bionic Bike at its campaign page, or if you so desire, back the campaign to help it become a reality. A pledge of $999 or more will secure yourself a unit – if the campaign manages to reach or surpass its fixed funding goal in the next 30+ days.

All images courtesy of Xmera Bike.

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