Retro Cafe Racer-style Xmera Pedal Electric Bicycle Is Also A Workout Bike

Every bicycle, pedal assist or not, is essentially a workout machine. The Xmera Bionic Bike you see here is no exception, but it is a tad different from the horde of pedal electric cycle. It is the first “bionic” ebike that tracks your heart rate and other parameters like distance traveled, calories burned and what […]

This Is A Has-It-All Bike That Might Make Add-on Accessories Things Of The Past

we think about automobile of the future. we think about other possibilities with respect to powered transportations, but we never really give a thought to the most basic form of human-powered alternative, namely bicycle. that’s until Oregon Manifest comes and challenge the bike designers to rethink what a bicycle should be for today’s urban environment. […]