Wingo Pro 360 Selfie Video Gadget

Anyone can do a Discovery Travel-style 360 degree selfie video, complete with bullet-time (think The Matrix movie) and/or freeze time effects if you have a crew or a selfie drone. But what if you are alone? Well, the good news is, you can too – thanks to this rather ingenious creation by Ukrainian filmmaker, traveler and inventor Artem Gavr called Wingo Pro.

Wingo Pro 360 Selfie Video Gadget

How brilliant Wingo Pro is cannot be overstated. It is basically a contraption that lets you swing your action camera like for example, a GoPro, around you to create the sensational 360, around you video. Here’s the official product description:

“Wingo Pro consists of a boomerang-like polycarbonate wing, which is swung via an adjustable-length 2-m cord leading to a handle that’s equipped with a rotating bearing.  The camera is then set to shoot in slow motion (the slower the better), after which you starts swinging the Wingo Pro. As a result you will get a video with you at the center – nearly motionless – as the viewer seems to circle around you.”

This isn’t just a gadget accessory cobbled up with rope-and-boomerang; it is purpose designed gadget accessory that took aero into consideration and includes a slide-able counterweight for adjusting the “flying” balanced and level. TBH, no words can describe how brilliant this simple contraption can be then to watch the video of it in action:

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If you are down for this intriguing videography accessory, you may want to consider pre-ordering it on Kickstarter where it is running a crowdfunding campaign for the next 37 days or so. The price is 45 bucks for a single unit, or 70 bucks for two units. The campaign is already funded and so, it is a pre-order that, if all go as planned, should see delivery sometime in September 2019.

All images courtesy of Artem Gavr.

Submitted via TIP US Page.