if you think Samsung Gear S is not quite worthy of being called a jewelry piece, then perhaps the addition of a Swarovski elements-studded Samsung Gear S Strap should do the trick. this latest ‘Swarovski for Samsung’ joins the likes of the Swarovski x Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cover to provide the much needed bling some consumers have been longing for. by the look of the lone picture available to us, i must agree that it does make the Gear S looks a little on the lavish side and possibly qualify it as a jewelry piece too. the strap is made with Swarovski’s new Crystal Fine Mesh which has the crystals integrate directly into the strap’s metal mesh. the Swarovski for Samsung Gear S Strap shares the same width as the smartwatch, which we thought transforms an otherwise mundane curved smartwatch into one that looks more like a jewelry bracelet.

however, this treatment is probably more for the ladies, so dudes looking for something unique for the Gear S will have to look elsewhere, less you don’t mind the extra feminine approach. another note about the Crystal Fine Mesh is, it is being used “by top brands in the fashion industry,” thus with it applied to Samsung’s latest smartwatch, it kind of helps elevate the wearable gadget to the fashionable status. well, kind of. the Swarovski for Samsung: Samsung Gear S Strap will be available via Samsung online store, as well as Samsung experience stores, starting in October with an yet to be announced price tag. rest assure it won’t be cheap cos’ it is Swarovski that we are talking about here. in view of the poor resolution of the feature image up there (i know, it sucks but we are working on it), we have posted the same below. click on it to view a slightly better resolution version.

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Swarovski for Samsung: Samsung Gear S Strap

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