This is OmniFob by the team who brought to you the SLIDE keychain. OmniFob is like an electronic (or digital, if you will) keychain that lets you open or turn on anything from the garage door to door to lights. It really is like a keychain, except there are no physical keys involved.

If you have a smart home with connected garage, lights, doors, alarm, smart power outlets and whatnot, OmniFob lets you wield control over them. And yes, with just one gadget. Better yet, it can also remote start your car as well as lock and unlock its doors. Again, it is all with the same gadget.

OmniFob Smart Key Fob by Keyport

If it delivers as promised, OmniFob would really be the one fob to rule them all. Moreover, it has a panic button too, allowing one-touch to send distress signal, in form of text or call, to preset number like emergency services, a friend, or family member, or all of them, along with the location.

Armed with Bluetooth LE, OmniFob can also doubles as remote camera trigger and you can also use it to locate your misplaced phone and vice versa. Amazingly, OmniFob does all that while measuring no bigger than a grown person’s finger and it even has an OLED screen built into it. And did we mention, you can set it up to a fake a call, so you can get out of an awkward situation? Apparently, it can do that too.

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If you are keen, you can pre-order OmniFob Smart Key Fob by backing a unit on Kickstarter for $91-104. Keep reading to watch the product pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of Keyport, Inc..

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