Stranger Things was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia (like, which film or TV series, wasn’t?) and as such, it naturally leveraged on several real-life locations, including Gwinnett Place which was the town folks’ livelihood-destroying Starcourt Mall and also this: Police Chief Jim Hopper’s cabin in the wood where he and his adopted “daughter” Eleven lives. Like the Byers’ house in season 1, the Hopper’s cabin was the “star property” of season 2 and it was also heavily featured in season 3 that started streaming on July 4 on Netflix.

Leveraging on the hype and Stranger Things popularity, escape room operator Escape Woods has turned the actual Hopper’s Cabin in Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, Georgia, into a Stranger Things-themed escape room, called Hopper’s Cabin Escape Room. Wait. The cabin isn’t really that big and I wonder how is it going to be played. One thing for sure is, you won’t piss your pants playing it.

Stranger Things Hopper’s Cabin Escape Room

In fact, Escape Woods assures that Hopper’s Cabin is “not scary” and it will be strictly indoors and requires only “low physical activity.” If you have played escape room before, you will know the drill. You and your squad basically have to “decipher clues, unlock doors, and solve the mystery before time runs out.” Just to reiterate, all those will take place inside the cabin – the actual cabin for the TV show.

Also, just to be clear, we are not sure if it is an official Netflix sanctioned thing. Probably not, since it clearly said it is “Stranger Things-themed” unlike the pop up in South Korea which was actually a Stranger Things Escape Room. Stranger Things-themed Hopper’s Cabin Escape Room is available for booking as we speak. In fact, from what we have read, it appears that it has been in operation since February this year.

Images: Escape Woods.

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Source: Mental Floss.

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